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How safe do you feel? 

The pandemic is changing the world we live in. Including how we report the news. 

To tell the full story of COVID-19’s effect on our community health, safety and security, the members of the Pittsburgh Media Partnership are working together. And we need your help, too. 

We want to hear from you: How safe do you feel?

We’re looking for both information and sources that can help us document the story of this unprecedented event and evaluate the accessibility, quality and effectiveness of the medical and political response. We want to know about the good, the bad and all the gray in between.  

Our stories are focused in particular on life in western Pennsylvania including Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Westmoreland, Washington, Fayette and Armstrong counties. Tell us about the quality of care you’ve received — at the hospital. In a nursing home. In jail. In rehab. Tell us about your housing situation and how secure you feel in it. Tell us about your experiences at work or with work you’ve lost. Tell us how government services have changed for you.

Tell us if you know something the rest of the world should know, too. 

Here are a few of the specific questions we have: 

  • Are you back at work? What are your working conditions like? What kind of protection is your employer providing or what precautions are they taking? 
  • Have you been evicted during the pandemic? Or are you facing an imminent eviction? Tell us more about your situation and your landlord’s response.
  • Are you or a family member living in a group housing situation run by the government or a private corporation? What kind of protection are you getting? How are they keeping you or your family member safe? 
  • Are you getting access to needed government services — ones you relied on in the past or new ones that were promised to you? How has the process worked for you? 

We also don’t know what we don’t know. If there is another question we should be asking, please bring it to our attention. 

Please fill out this form to share your story or a story tip. 

How will you use the information I tell you? 

When you share information with us, we will ask you for your full name and the best way to get in touch with you. You will also have the option to share a tip anonymously. Regardless of which option you choose, the information you share with us will be “on background.” 

When you give a reporter information on background, you are helping us learn about new things and also directing our attention to stories we are missing. It also means we won’t publish the information you tell us without verifying it first. 

If you choose to submit information or a tip anonymously, we will do our best to verify the information on our own. But it is always helpful if we can reach you if we have follow up questions that can help our reporting. We won’t publish your name without your permission.