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Life under quarantine

ACLU report shows despite COVID-19, fatal police shootings continue

Fatal shootings by police are so routine that, even during a national pandemic, with far fewer people traveling outside of their homes and police departments reducing contact with the public so as not to spread the virus, police have continued to fatally shoot people at the same rate so far in 2020 as they did in the same period from 2015 to 2019, a new ACLU report says.

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working conditions

The Employment Guide: Navigating the job field in unprecedented times

Being unemployed can be incredibly stressful no matter the situation, but for the millions of Americans faced with unemployment during the coronavirus pandemic, it can seem like an even more difficult time than ever before to navigate the job field. That’s why Pittsburgh City Paper has put together this guide to help make things a little less overwhelming.



Shifting plans: Retail is undergoing a rapid transformation

The global pandemic has crippled in-person shopping for months and dealt another blow to already-struggling businesses large and small, from department stores to restaurants to neighborhood yoga studios. Referring to the pandemic-chastened environment as the “mask economy,” Coresight Research is projecting there will be 20,000 to 25,000 retail store closures in 2020.

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