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CDC Says Double-Masking Offers More Protection Against The Coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new research on Wednesday that found wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask offers more protection against the coronavirus, as does tying knots on the ear loops of surgical masks. Those findings prompted new guidance on how to improve mask fit at a time of concern over fast-spreading variants of the virus.

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CDC Launches Web Tool To Help Americans Find COVID-19 Vaccines

The scramble to secure a COVID-19 vaccine appointment is chaotic and fierce. There are not yet enough doses for everyone who’s eligible and wants to get vaccinated. As frustration rises, the federal government hasn’t offered much besides assurances that things will get better and appeals for calm.

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The Politics Behind Reopening Pittsburgh Public Schools

An increasing amount of scientific evidence suggests that in-person learning, especially for younger students, presents a low risk for spreading the coronavirus. But last month, Pittsburgh Public Schools delayed reopening at least until April, a move that frustrated many working parents.


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